London Sunrise (+3,000 Subscriber Update)

So it’s been a little while since I posted on the blog so I wanted to give you a quick update on what’s going on.

First, this is the latest Travel Video if you haven’t yet checked it out:

Most of this was actually filmed way back in summer 2015.

I was feeling industrious and got up one morning at 5am, and explored the city with a camera and tripod.

Got a bunch of cool shots and stabilized them in post (this was where I really first practised this technique – all explained and broken down in both Travel Video Bootcamp & Editing Mastery) and I was STOKED with the results.

Anyway fast forward to Feb 2016, and I finally realised I had all this sunrise footage lying about and had never finished the video.

So, set the alarm for another 5am start (now in frosty winter time), and explored a few different parts of the city. By this time I had the Glidecam – so you can see a mix of post-stabilized footage and Glidecam footage in the video. Can you tell the difference and guess which shots are which?

3,000 YouTube Subscribers

Next up, today I hit 3,000 subs! Very grateful for the support so far, and trying my best to respond to your comments.

Gonna be heading out to Poland and Hungary soon, so some RAD travel vids coming your way.

What’s even more exciting for me is that I’ve taken onboard a test run of dozens of happy Editing Mastery members, who are currently racing through the course and helping each other out in the mastermind group.

Feels great to be training up so many passionate travel video makers.

(By the way membership is currently closed, but if you’re interested in becoming part of the program click here to join the VIP interest list)

Other than that, I’m on an absolute mission to 5 handstand push-ups.

Keep filming and speak soon,


P.S. Gotta get t0 1 first 😉


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