Easy Technique For Cinematic Travel Vlogging

When I started implementing this technique,  it changed the whole vlogging game for me.

But first… The Bali Series has been going down an absolute storm!

I appreciate every single one of your  awesome comments on the first two videos so far.

Check Out Episode Two right now!

The biggest thing for me is that the videos are almost 20 minutes long each, and you’re saying that you can watch them right until the end and not notice the length. To me that’s incredible – it means pure immersion. I’m really humbled, so thank you so much for watching, commenting and sharing.

Now back to the technique… one interesting comment I’ve gotten multiple times is asking about how to switch between cinematic visuals and vlog style footage.

This is something I developed whilst vlogging in Barcelona, and I’m going to give you the low down here:

Switch between two different ‘modes‘ on your camera.

For vlogging, I use a mode that has auto focus and auto exposure.

For cinematic visuals, I use a mode that is completely manual, for creative DOMINATION 😉

The other thing is that the vlogging mode uses 25 fps. The cinematic mode uses 50fps so I can slow it down if I need to.

That’s the gist – all the details in a full video is on it’s way!

If you want to see an example of this in action, go and check out Episode 2 of the Bali Series now if you haven’t seen it already.

Chat soon,



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