A Travel Video Tip (Quick)

It’s been a little while! I hope you’re well wherever you are.

Today I’m writing to you with a little tip to give you a boost when you next go out and capture your surroundings memories.

It comes in the form of awareness. Being aware of what’s happening around you is super important

I was on the beach yesterday, filming during sunset. All around me were 100 different scenes unfolding simultaneously. There was the sea crashing down in big waves, that looked amazingly similar to the stormy clouds above them.

There were two children playing ball and ecstatically giggling – one a Balinese girl, dressed in cloth, and the other a Swedish girl. Two opposite cultures coming together in laughter and beautiful unknowing.

Just a few steps on, there was a stream running into the sea with palm trees lining the river bank and more children playing in it.

All around me 100 different scenes were unfolding. Yet to the Balinese people who live here, it was complete normality. They would probably never think to capture it – because it’s not amazing to them – so why would it be amazing to anyone else?

Clearly, it’s a matter of perspective, and just because they viewed it as normality, doesn’t mean you and I can’t be awe inspired by it.

I see this happening all this time: for example I’m curious and interested about the lives of people in the US – it’s actualyl completely different to the UK. So even a video about a random neighbourhood in middle america – whilst it might be ‘boring’ to someone living there, could be fascinating to billions of other people around the world.

So I ask you to look around you and strive to be aware. How often is the world unravelling constant beauty everywhere around you, and yet you don’t notice it and think to capture it?

Travel filmmaking can really sometimes be an exercise of awareness and appreciation – as it forces you to really see.


P.S I’ve just released my new travel video ‘Dreaming California’. If you like you can check it out here:


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  1. Hi Thomas! Your blog is stunning! I love to see all those cinematic video that you made, everything is sooooo inspiring. I have a question for you, if you mind, can you teach me how to edit the video or how to shoot video like the “dreaming california”?

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